Graduate Verification Service

Graduation Verification Service

Welcome to the University of Tasmania Graduate Verification Service

The Graduation Verification Service (GVS) provides a service to search the database for students who have graduated at the University of Tasmania. This service can be used by graduates and prospective employers to validate the Graduates qualifications/Awards received by a student. The database is comprehensive with records dating back to 1900. 

Please note that the date displayed is the conferred date and is not the date when the course requirements were met. Students who have met the requirements for an award but have not had it conferred will not be listed here. If you are unable to verify the qualifications/awards of a graduate and require further assistance please email

GVS will not provide an Academic Transcript of results. Please visit  for information on Academic Transcript requests.

The Surname and Given Name(s) of persons within the database are recorded as at the time of the award. Therefore if a person has since changed their name, you will only be able find the person with the name as at the time of their graduation.